Lamps and Lights‘ parts have been perfect for helping me to create my first collection of bespoke custom lamps, thank you” Tanya Tier

I’m an artist who lives and works in Sussex, and my artistic practice is concerned with themes of magic, enchantment, illusion, other worlds, myths, time and science.
Tanya Tier blowtorch lamp 3Like most artists I am attracted to the things that people throw away, and I have been collecting old materials for many years (broken vintage /antique items and components) which I then use in my artwork. The lamps are an inspiration whereby I could find a further use for some of the lovely old bits and pieces which I have collected.

Tanya retort stand lampThese lamps are elegantly constructed using antique and vintage reclaimed materials. Each lamp is unique, and the materials are sourced far and wide from items which have been discarded because they are unwanted or dysfunctional – then painstakingly restored and re-purposed into these beautiful pieces to give them a different function. tanya tier testing box lampI have endeavoured to give these old objects a new lease of life by creating a collection of industrial style lamps, and to bring together an interesting combination of history, design, art and engineering.Tanya Tier inkwell lamp
The lamps are perfect for interior/set designers, film or fashion shoots, or simply as an original unique and functional feature in the home.Tanya Tier tripod lamp 2

I have been lucky enough to have some of my first collection showcased at a beautiful interiors shop in Shoreditch, London called Elemental, TT lamp 5very popular with interior designers and stars of stage and screen the specialise in vintage / period pieces of furniture TT lamp 7and homewares, renovating all their own salvaged and reclaimed pieces in-house.

As each lamp is unique, they cannot be replicated exactly. However please contact me if you would like something similar made or to enquire about commissions or current available pieces.TT lamp 4 Meanwhile I also have art exhibitions coming up in Arundel (August 2015) and Brighton (September 2015), where I will be showing some of my playful curiosities work. Tanya Tier balls lampTT lamp 2

Please check my website for further details

or see my Facebook page.

Tanya Tier inkwell lampduo“What an interesting story about where some of our lovely components have ended up, thank you Tanya and good luck with your Autumn collection, we look forward to seeing more from you!”  Lamps & Lights