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Light Shades and Galleries information

Our Lamp Shades come in the following styles:

Lipped Glass Light Shades needing a Gallery These are available the following sizes:

  • 2″ rim using a 2¼” gallery
  • 3″ rim using a 3¼”gallery
  • 4″ rim using a 4¼”gallery
  • 4 ¾” rim using a 5″ gallery
  • 6″ rim using a 6¼” gallery

Non Lipped Glass Light Shades These are available the following sizes:

  • Edison Screw fits directly onto an ES lampholder
  • Bayonet Cap fits directly onto a BC lampholder

Table Lamp Shade Carriers information

Our Table Lamp Shade Carriers come in 2 sizes and are only currently available to fit a BC lampholder.

  • 4¼” this fits glass shades around 6″ high with a 10-25mm hole in the top
  • 6″ this fits glass shades around 8″ high with a 10-25mm hole in the top

If you have a shade with a 10mm hole or no rim use our spring clip and 10mm galleries to hang it.

You can use our product filter to help narrow the available options.