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Table Lamp Designs

Our Table Lamp Kits are ideal for the following projects with loads of light bulb and lampholder, flex, switch & plug variations to choose from.

  • Converting Bottles, Demijohns, Ceramic Vases etc use our bungs in the top of your vessel with a bulb & lampholder on top, add some lighting flex, a switch and a plug.
  • Wooden Table Lamps and Standard Lamps use our plate that can screw into the wood, again you pick the type and colour of bulb & lampholder you want along with lighting cable, switch & plug.
  • Side Entry Lampholders available for both the above if you don’t have a drilled hole for the flex to come out of.
  • Batten Lampholders with or without a Raiser for attaching directly to wooden surfaces.
  • Metal raisers added height needed maybe for a larger shade? Just choose how high using our various tubes connected with couplers.
  • Table Lamp Shade Carriers to hold your glass lamp shade. Available to fit over Edison screw or Bayonet Cap lamp holders.