Lamp Switches and Plugs information

Our Lamp Switches are available in the following styles:

  • In-line Rocker lamp switch in various colours, a simple on/off switch
  • In line Dimmer lamp switch – a rotary dimming only switch for either LED or CFL/Incandescent bulbs (i.e. they have no on/off)
  • Inline Foot/floor lamp switch – a round foot or floor large button on/off lamp switch
  • Button small push button on/off lamp switch used in desk lamps and the like

You can use our product filter to help narrow the available options.

Our electric plugs are available in the following styles:

  • 3-pin UK standard electrical 3 amp fused plug
  • 2-pin Euro plugs
  • 3-pin Australian plugs

For wiring diagrams and lots of help and advice please see our switches & plugs FAQs. We also have a number of blog posts featuring some of our lovely customer’s projects where you can find more help and inspiration too.


  • big switch rocker black 150x150 In-line_lamp_switches
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  • big switch dimmer white 150x150 big switch dimmer group mix 150x150
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  • big switch floor clear 150x150 floor_switches

    In-Line Foot Lamp Switch

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  • big plug 3pin uk clear lighter 150x150 big plug 3 pin white flex teal 150x150

    UK 3 pin Plug

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  • big plug 2pin euro white 150x150 big plug 2pin euro black 150x150

    EU 2 pin plug

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  • big plug 3pin au black 150x150 big plug 3pin au white 150x150
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