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Ceiling Light Design Kits

Our Ceiling Light Design kits come in the following styles with various choices of ceiling rose or hook, lampholder, flex, light bulb and shade for you to build your own designs. We do not put the items together as there are so many possible combinations so that and the PAT testing is up to you:

  • Single Ceiling Pendant kits– suitable for hanging just a single bulb in metal and china
  • Multi outlet Pendant kits – suitable for hanging multiple light bulbs
  • Multi outlet Pendant with shades – suitable for hanging multiple light bulbs & shades on flex (up to 2kg each outlet)
  • Ceiling Pendant kits for shades – single shade up to 2kg
  • Ceiling Pendant kits with chain – for single larger heavier shades with supporting chain (up to approx 5kg)
  • Ceiling Pendant with solid fixing – with a choose of shades
  • Ceiling Bowl kits – for hanging shades with triple chain and hooks