Incandescent lights are being phased out around the world, and being replaced by LEDs. They served their purpose in the past, but are no longer able to fill the shoes of their LED successors. There are those who still argue in favour of their colour and quality of light, in-spite of their fast burn out. Let’s say goodbye to the incandescent light bulb on a positive note.


Incandescent bulbs did cost a lot less than their energy-efficient alternatives although only in the short run.

The problem with incandescent bulbs is you end up paying more in electricity costs. Incandescent light bulbs are inefficient – 90% of the energy goes toward heat and only 10% toward the light.


Incandescent bulbs are known for their warm light, which looks particularly good against skin tones. Today you can have LEDs that match these favourable hues. Light bulb manufacturers are required to include on their label the colour temperature of their bulbs, so consumers can know exactly what they’re purchasing. This image shows an incandescent (left) versus LED filament (right) bulb.


Another complaint against LED’s is flickering and buzzing when trying to dim them. You have to watch out for non-dimmable or poor quality LEDs and make sure you pair your choice with the right dimming switches. See our helpful FAQ for some great tips on choosing the right LED bulbs for you. All our LEDs have been carefully chosen and tested in house.


Part of what’s driven the use of cheap, inefficient incandescent bulbs is simply that they are familiar. Incandescent bulbs were loved for what they had once represented: utility, economy and simplicity, as well as light.

We stock dimmable LED bulbs in a great variety of styles, sizes and colours

We stock dimmable LED bulbs in a great variety of styles, sizes and colours

The increasing popularity of LED bulbs is also driven by consumers increasing familiarity with LEDs in other products such as TVs and computers. The price of LED bulbs has also come down significantly. As the cost continues to drop, the LED bulbs are becoming “the default light source”. If we still haven’t persuaded you or you just fancy a real bargain check out our Special offers page as we are hugely reducing prices on our last few ranges of incandescent bulbs.