• Are you qualified? Installing our lighting is not particularly complex, but carried out incorrectly could prove dangerous. Electrical work is a skilled profession requiring expert knowledge with ever changing rules and accreditations. Electrical contractors are required to regularly update their qualifications. We strongly advise therefore that you instruct a fully qualified NICEIC registered electrician to check and electrically test your work. As a supplier we are not qualified or insured to advise you on how to wire up your lighting schemes so any advice given is of a purely general nature. When selling your home you may also need to provide certification for any electrical work undertaken so certification would be useful then too.
  • Can I use your products in my Bathroom? IP rated lighting must be used in bathroom areas where water is likely i.e. zones 1 and 2. Un-zoned areas can use standard lighting without an IP rating, See our handy diagram for more help. Bathroom Zones Explained

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