For Lamp shades weighing less than 2 kg you can use a cord grip lampholder to hang your shade as this is the weight tolerance of the lighting flex.

Our Single Ceiling Hooks can hang, using a piece of our large chain, a light fitting up to max of 5kg. If you had 2 hooks & large chain you could hang 10kg and with one of our large triple hooks and large chain up to a maximum of 15kg. Obviously the fixing into the ceiling needs to be secure, you can add one of our wooden pattresses which can be secured using larger screws. If you fix this into a ceiling joist this can also add extra hold but you will need to consult a builder or electrician if hanging a heavy light fitting to keep you safe. 

Our smaller chain is only suitable for hanging a ceiling bowl from our Triple bag ceiling hook as the chain link size is too small to fit over our larger hooks. The maximum weight of the shade should be 5kg as this is the weight tolerance of the triple ceiling hook.

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