rob luckinsA lovely article was sent to us by customer Rob Luckins.  Rob is a portrait photographer and runs Rob Luckins Travelling Photographic Studio where he uses a mixture of old and new technologies to create his work. Rob describes himself as ‘a gentleman photographer based on the south coast of England providing portraiture photography and tea drinking wherever needed‘.

creative balance project This last year he has been working on The Creating Balance Project a collaborative project with Anglepoise®, Strong Island and the University of Portsmouth.

10 artists/designers twinned with 10 photographers and an Anglepoise® light. A year long project ending in a series of exhibitions the website plots the progress of their processes and outcomes. Culminating in their exhibition at which has just ended.

anglepoise 02

Rob used our products on his personally customised Anglepoise® lamp for his part in The Creating Balance Project  and we just love our brilliant red braided lamp flex against this awesome retro lamp.

anglepoise 01

Rob has most recently shot the Spring/Summer 2014 lookbook for Dephect clothing.

Give Rob a tweet @Zomtographer or you can find more info about Rob on his website welcometothedarkslide.