Can I unlock a ‘locked’ Edison Screw lampholder?

how_to_questionmarkMost Edison Screw Lampholders now have a safety feature that means once put together they cannot be easily undone. This is to ensure you don’t unscrew the lamp holder when changing the bulb and give yourself a nasty electric shock! But not ideal if you need to unscrew the lampholder & put it back together again.

The answer is YES, with the help of a screwdriver, a little persistence (and a lot of patience) these ‘locked’ Edison Screw bulb holders CAN be ‘unlocked’, though explaining ‘how’ to do this over the telephone is not so easy so we have created a quick little video showing exactly how this can be done 🙂

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How to unlock a ‘locked’ Lampholder











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2 thoughts on “Can I unlock a ‘locked’ Edison Screw lampholder?

  1. Wired up a lampholder; found that it lighted up well then after a week the light went out; no fuse was tripped; of course because the holder was ‘unlokable’ it was impossible to investigate the fault. tried the utube video to unlock an identical lampholder but tried as I may could not unlock.
    It seems a very curious safety feature since once tightened up there is no was that unscewing the lamp would open it.

    • The safety feature on this lamp holder is because it takes a screw in lamp/bulb so theoretically the fitting could be unscrewed when the bulb is changed (All modern ES lampholders have to have this or a similar safety feature) . Please just return us the lamp holder with your website order number & we will send a replacement out, apologies for any inconvenience this has caused. There is a return form on our website on the Terms and Conditions page.

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