Prismatic Holophane Glass Light Shade – Dome


Prismatic Holophane style glass light shade made from clear ribbed glass. This domed ceiling pendant lamp shade can be used for a ceiling pendant light or a table lamp. It has a 2″ rim that fits our 2″ lamp shade holder for a ceiling pendant light fitting or our 4″ version of our gallery top Table lamp shade carrier if adding a shade to a Table Lamp.

Dimensions: w=21.5    h=14cm

For more help on choosing the right lamp parts for your project maybe start with our Blogs and FAQ’s on this page for loads more useful information. If you want to create a complete Ceiling Pendant light head over to our Ceiling Pendant Light Designs Page where you can put a lighting kit together or our Table Lamp Designing Page if it’s a table lamp you are creating.

Additional information

Weight 1.568 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 14 cm

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