Couplers for joining threaded metal tubes or lamp base plates by way of an internal thread. Half inch to Half inch and Half inch to 10mm versions available . You can join 2 half inch threads or 1 half inch and 1, 10mm thread using these couplers. The half inch to half inch can be used to join our hollow metal tubes to make various continuous lengths. These couplers are threaded all the way through. Made in the UK from solid brass in 3 finishes of Brass, Antique and Chrome. 26 TPI (threads per inch).

For more help on choosing the right lamp parts start with our “Related Blogs & FAQ’s” on this page for some more useful information. If you are making Bottle Lights see our “Making Table Lamps Blogs” and also our Table Lamp Designing page for light fitting kits to put together yourself. If you need Pendant Light fitting parts head over to our “Ceiling Pendant Light Designs Page” where again you can put a bespoke Ceiling Rod Lighting kit together yourself using our metal Tubes and these couplers.


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