B35 Candle LED Light Bulbs with Edison Screw or Bayonet Caps in various colours and sizes. B refers to the Light bulb name Blunt and 35 is the diameter of 35mm.

Candle Light bulbs emulate the shape of a candle flame, their decorative appearance makes them ideal for use in fixtures like chandeliers. With LED filaments adding to the illusion. We stock the Straight B35 and the BXS35 Bent tip varieties in various finishes with Bayonet, Edison Screw, Small Bayonet or Small Edison Screw caps. Only using 3- 4 Watts a very energy efficient lighting option. Minimum 15,000 hour lamp life so less swapping out of light bulbs too which is great if these are being used in a Chandelier.

  • LED filament Candle bulbs

    Colour options available
    Bulb holder types available
    Edison Screw, Bayonet Cap, Small Edison screw, Small Bayonet Cap