What finishes are available?

Metal finishes
Our metal lighting products are spun, cast, milled or pressed from only quality brass or steel here in the UK. You'll be surprised at how heavy-duty and solid our products feel - completely different to most modern light fixtures and fittings. We refuse to compromise structural integrity and durability by reducing raw material costs to increase margins. The finishes we offer are as follows:
Antique brass
Our vintage brass fittings are made from solid brass and then treated to give an antique period finish.
Our products are made from solid brass and then polished to an exceptionally high standard ensuring a solid sturdy feel.
Our chrome products are made from solid brass and then coated in a chromium metal finish to produce a solid heavy duty product.
Matt black
Our matt black ceiling plates are made from steel then powder coated to create a lovely rich dark matt black finish.
Black & White China
We also have a range of Italian White & Black China lampholders & Ceiling roses.

Do we do Restoration?

I am afraid not! We do not do restoration ourselves but you can use this link to BAFRA to find a local Restorer.

Can you put components together for me?

Unfortunately not. We only sell components individually and not fitted together. Once we put them together we would have to send them off to be PAT tested. You can buy the components and instruct an electrician to put them together and PAT test them for you. You can click on this link ECA to find a local electrician

Problems using Checkout?

1. Are you using a different delivery address?
Yes - go to Q.2
No - go to Q.3
2. Have you got a country selected in the second box?
3. Have you filled in all the fields with an * ?
4. Have you ticked the box accepting our Terms and Conditions ?
If you are still having problems please send us a screen shot/capture so we can see what the issue is/what you are wanting to buy. We will then process the order and call you back to take payment.
How to take a screen shot / Print Screen
1. Maximize the window you'd like to capture.
2. To copy/capture the current window, hold down ALT + Print Scrn at the same time. To capture the entire screen, just press Print Scrn.
3. Open a new document in MS Word, MS Photo Editor or Paint etc.
4. Paste the screen shot by holding down CTRL and V at the same time.
5. Email us this document.

Do you supply outdoor lighting?

Unfortunately not. We focus on indoor lighting only.

What lighting can be used in a bathroom?

IP rated lighting must be used in bathroom areas where water is likely i.e. zones 1 and 2. Unzoned areas can use standard lighting without an IP rating.
Please see our Bathroom Zones Explained page.

Can I have a Free Catalogue?

Free Catalogues are sent with orders over £200.
You can purchase a printed copy for £6 at the shopping basket.
Alternatively you can print off your own copy of our latest Catalogue.

I need general advice?

If you need to talk to someone about your light fitting you can email us your telephone number and any pictures you have of your project and someone will call you back. For Trade customers, we offer a 'Visitors by Appointment' service when you can come in to see if our products will suit at a mutually agreed time. We only hold what is available on the website as stock items and please do email or ring us if you intend to come so we can ensure someone is available to help you.

Need help with Metric/Imperial Conversion?

Do you need help working out what size you need? Here is a Metric/Imperial Measurement Conversion tool.

Metric/Imperial conversion tool

Type in any measurements here and the calculator will automatically convert them for you:

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