Hollie Willis

Pilates Studio

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big lightshade globe white glass large 1 150x150 White glass light shades - Globe
Shade size:


Shade rim size:

4 inch rim

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big gallery 4inch 40mm chrome 150x150 Light shade gallery for a 4" lipped light shade


Gallery style:

Edison Screw

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chrome_E27_lamp_holder Lamp holders Edison Screw with Cord Grip and Shade Rings - Chrome £17.80 1 Add to Cart
big bulb vintage led filament es lit cal 150x150 LED filament Vintage Squirrel light bulb
Bulb and Bulbholder Type:

Edison Screw



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Black_braided_cable BLACK Lighting Cable - 3 core Braided £2.90 2 Add to Cart
pendant light fitting parts Ceiling Rose - Chrome £15.30 1 Add to Cart
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