We have various table lamp kits suitable for converting bottles and vases. Basically you use a bung to go in the top of your vase or bottle with a lampholder on top. You just need to decide which type of lampholder you want Edison Screw or Bayonet Cap from the drop box on our Table Lamp Kits page. Then choose your colour/finish & the size of bung you need.

If you have a wooden Table lamp or a Standard lamp we have a kit for that too with a plate that can screw into the wood, again you pick the type of lampholder you want & the finish.

If you don't have a hole for the flex to come out of your bottle or vase we have a "side entry kit".

You can add metal raiser tubes if you need to raise the height of your lampholder to hold a larger shade.

Now just select from our extensive range of 3 core flex (you need to earth a metal lampholder).

The lampholder you need does depend on your lamp shade size or choice of bulb so choose these now. We do advise not to used a switched lampholder as the bung is more likely to work loose.

Nearly there! Add a matching switch & plug for your lighting flex.

And finally add a decorative light bulb from our wonderful collection of LED bulbs.

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Converting Bottles & Vases into Lamps

For useful Blog Posts to help with your project check out Mr Sowerbys Blog for a complete story of a Ceramic Table Lamps Rewiring.

For transforming Bottles into lamps see Whatever the size of your bottle, weve got a bung for it!
Click on the image below to discover How to make a vase into a lamp.

How to make a vase into a table lamp