Bottle Lamp Bung


Bottle Lamp Bungs. These Table Lamp bungs can be used to convert Bottles, Vases, Demijohns, etc into Table Lamps. They come with a metal top plate. The plate is held on top of the bung with a metal reducer that has a half-inch 26 TPI thread on the outside ready to take our half-inch entry lamp holders.  There is a 6 mm hole all the way through for our 3 core braided flex to pass through.

These Bottle or Vase lamp adapters are available in various different sizes and three colours of antique, brass, and chrome. There is a hex nut to the base that can be tightened to expand the bung by a couple of millimeters so as to create a snug fit in a bottle neck or ceramic lamp base opening. Use with our braided 3 core earthed flexes (except the Designer range – Sackcloth & Linen which are 6mm wide) as these fit through the bung. (many other light flexes are .75mm and will not squeeze through).

For more help on choosing the lamp parts for your lamp fittings start with our “Related Blogs & FAQs” on this page. If you are making table lamps you may also find our “Making Table Lamps Blogs” and our Table Lamp Designing page pages useful for help with table lamp fitting generally and on how to put items together yourself to create your own Lamps and Lights.

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