Light Galleries information

Our Lamp Shades come in the following styles:

Lipped Glass Light Shades needing a Light Gallery These are available in the following sizes:

  • 2″ rim using a 2¼” light gallery
  • 3″ rim using a 3¼” light gallery
  • 4″ rim using a 4¼” light gallery
  • 4 ¾” rim using a 5″ light gallery
  • 6″ rim using a 6¼” light gallery

Non-Lipped Glass Light Shades These are available in the following sizes:

  • Edison Screw fits directly onto an ES lampholder
  • Bayonet Cap fits directly onto a BC lampholder

If you have a shade with a 10mm hole or no rim we have light galleries for those too.

Table Lamp Shade Carriers information

Our Table Lamp Shade Carriers come in 2 sizes and can fit Bayonet Cap (BC) or Edison Screw (ES) Lampholders.

  • 4¼” this fits glass shades around 6″ high with a 10-25mm hole in the top
  • 6″ this fits glass shades around 8″ high with a 10-25mm hole in the top

You can use our product filter to help narrow the available options and find the matching shade holder to your lamp shade.

For more help on how to actually hang your lamp shade see our Video FAQ’s on this page for loads more useful information. If you want to create a complete Ceiling Pendant Light fitting head over to our “Ceiling Pendant Light Designs Page” where you can put a complete lighting kit together.

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