ceramic vaseHave you ever thought how your lovely vase would be even more beautiful if it was a lamp?

You may have thought that it cannot be possible as the ceramic would shatter if you tried to drill the holes required for a lamp?

Well we’re here to tell you (and courtesy of customer David Johnstone, show you) that it IS possible!

Vase with fitted lamp holder

Vase with fitted lamp holder

The trick is
to use a circular diamond drill bit – and use it very slowly on the ceramic base in order to drill the flex and rod holes to avoid shattering the vase.

Although a potentially hazardous job,  don’t be put off by sculptors, shops etc who categorically say it cannot be done. Because it can!

and here is the proof…

ceramic vaselamp 02a big Thank You to David for sharing this valuable knowledge and for his superb photos using our stock to create his stunning ceramic vase lamp!