What are the different types of flex?

When using any metal light fittings you need to earth the fitting to reduce the risk of electric shock. You therefore need to use our 3 core light flex in either our round or twisted braid as both have live, neutral and earth wires. Our 2 core braided flex only has live and neutral wires and therefore is only suitable for use with non-metal light fittings. For all of our flex specifications regarding diameter, voltage and wattage etc please see our Lighting Flex Information pages. If in any doubt please always refer to a qualified electrician.

How do I know how much cable I need to order?

Creating a mock up design using string is a common solution. Once you are happy with your pendant height, simply measure the string for your required flex length.

How do I stop my lamp flex from fraying?

The simplest most common solution is to apply electrical tape around the end of the cable and then cut over the tape.

What are the Flex weight tolerances?

Our cable can support a maximum suspended fitting weight of 2kg. Please ensure that the cable is securely clamped within the ceiling rose and lamp holder so that the cable is not being supported by the wire terminations only.

What are the specifications of your flex?

For all our flex specifications and data sheets for diameter, voltage and wattage etc please see our Lighting Flex Information page.

Which Flex & Switch can I use?

The conversion of Watts to Amps is governed by the equation Amps = Watts/Volts so if you check how many Watts your lamp holder(s) will be using, you can work out what amperage flex or switch you will need. For example 60 watts/240 volts = .25 amps. If you are not a qualified electrician you should always get any electrical work you do properly checked & certified.

Which is the earth on the Clear flex?

To enable the 'clear look' to our clear flex, the individual wires are not coloured. Therefore you will need a voltage tester to establish which of the wires are live and neutral. Please always consult a qualified electrician if in any doubt as to the safe use of our products in your project.