London Design Festival 2017

Lamps and Lights Ltd were attending design shows in the capital last week and keeping up to date with the latest trends at London design festival 2017! It was great visiting 100% Design 2017 last week! Next day we went to see the London design fair 2017 and the last but not least Design Junction 2017! So many great lighting designs this year, we thought we would share some of the London’s picks, our few favorite inspirational lights and lamps with you !

100% Design lighting highlights: These lovely luminaries are created by Nulty Bespoke, they were designed and handcrafted to specification. Good & Original Designs presents Candy Skull ! How fun is this? No wonder it was snatched up at the show! Great statement piece that mix art  with lighting!



Bad Dog Designs create unique and individual clocks from original vintage Nixie tubes, and other original bits of equipment that they can find!This is TRISAURUS DESK LAMP a modern, adjustable and touch-operated table lamp with long lasting and environmentally friendly LED light! 



Padhome brand Graypants studio handmade – Scraplights very lovely and fire retardant lighting from recycled cardboard!

Stephen JohnsonHappy Light, the design was created initially as a statement piece instead of lighting design, but after numerous requests and persuasion the designer turned the piece into a lamp, making people Happy indeed! Stephen’s Play lamp catches your eye with play-doh inspired material, which the artist had to create himself to mimic the look and texture. London Design Fair lighting highlights:

Talking about Playful this year! How about a Lit-Up swing? Anyone? Scandinavian Light senses present “knot” lamp from Lervik and the LED Swing from SAAS. Fun Design! 

Matrix is a composite material created by the designer herself, Kate Hollowood, she uses it to create her bespoke sculptural lighting designs.

The Secant Wall, Floor and Table Light is a series of hand cut crystal discs suspended and supported by a metal skeleton linking the crystal glass with the light engine and the wall or surface below. From J.Hill’s Standard

Thea Kuta uses yarn to communicate through drawing geometric patterns which create optical illusions and create interactive experience with the spectator. Malinko Design uses 3D design technology to print unique designs Crosby Studios provide daring, bold design and are not afraid to stand out.Secto Pendants innovative design from Finnish designers, beautifully crafted from natural materials. Light Junction hightlights:These luxurious designs above and below, created by Blackbody Light Couture made in France. Vibrant, soft and quirky design – on the left shades create a feeling of soft airiness, and on the right there are squeezable grated lamps, lighting from in es art design.

Tala – look at the gorgeous & organic form of their light bulbs!

Bulbous shapes & colours of these smartly made Knit-wit lamps by Made by Hand  Icons of Denmark showcasing the variety of shades and lamps Ted Wood Natural materials meets contemporary design.  Great looking cluster of acrylic pendant lights called CLAM & CLAM MINI from Decode.

Geometrical and dark shades bring out the warmth of the filament bulbs, found at the stand of Material Consequences.Hope you enjoyed our post! We definitely had fun seeing it all up close, and we couldn’t wait to share it with you! If you have been to London Design Festival this year or seen any of the Design Shows, tell us how it went, just comment below, let us know your favorite design picks and share links of your photos from the visit, we would love to see them!

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