Lighting for Bars & Restaurants

How do you create the right lighting for a Cafe, Bar or Restaurant ?

Lighting is essential when creating an atmosphere. Firstly your design brief is key, are you designing a bright airy daytime cafe, a soft romantic restaurant, a cosy intimate bar or a funky shiny night club.vintage lit bulbs

When you know what mood you want to evoke you often then decide on colours and furniture, but lighting must not be left as a last thought, tied in with the right furnishings it can totally change a look and feel and the value of well-designed lighting should not be overlooked.

A good lighting scheme is often not recognised, but this is what makes it good, well placed ambient and accent lighting can create an atmosphere without always being the focus so you may not recognise what makes such a great atmosphere actually great.

Any dining establishment relies on ambiance, environment and dining experience; all enhance the quality of the food and any good restauranteur knows you can’t have one without the others.

dh liberty bar
Lamps and Lights Ltd
regularly supply designers and shop/restaurant fitters with all the lighting hardware they need to create individual bespoke lighting design specific for the needs of each brief. The popular vintage look is very effective with the retro up-cycling market.

Teaming aged retro ceiling pendantbrass lamp holders, galleries and ceiling plates with retro lamp shades and/or bulbs is a very popular look of today.

plumen-vintage-squirrel-crown-bulbsAt the opposite end of the spectrum the contemporary chrome metal and black plastic fittings are paired with funky Plumen bulbs, combined with lengths of coloured braid light flex and hung from ceilings to create modern vibrant pendants.

Clear glass shades available in all shapes and sizes from small domes and ribbed globes to tulip bells and large railroad, these lightshades often known as vintage holophane luminaries, are very popular and extremely useful in the restaurant industry; their reeded prismatic glass add that touch of sparkle whilst still offering maximised light, a must if you want your diners to see what culinary delights you have in store for the! shades_group_01

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