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  1. I am looking to make a decanter lamp, but I want to keep the glass stopper. Do you do a light fitting that sits in the side of a decanter so the bulb is at the bottom. the stopper is 24mm across so the bulb and rose (holder) has to fit through there and connected through the side. It will also need a cable and switch.

  2. Hi

    I want to transform a large Victorian viresa glass bottle into a lamp.

    The neck is 9.5cm wide. Would you have a hung big enough for that?

    If so, is there a way of not drilling the vase to plug it in?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Amber,
      We have loads of useful tips for restoring and re using items for lighting in our FAQ’s but basically we advice you use cork and add a lampholder kit to that?
      Hope this helps,

  3. Hi I have a clear glass cookie jar which I would like to make into a fillable lamp base. It has an opening of approx 11/12cm. It does have a glass lid but it just sits on without the rubber suction thing. I was wondering how to make a fitted cork lid so I could attach the lamp fitting and also remove it so I can fill it with seasonal contents.

  4. I intend to make a light using 10mm copper pipe, What would be the easiest and best bulb fitting to use
    Regards John

    • Hi John,
      We have various lampholders with a 10mm entry here There is a lampholder selector box to use that helps reduce the number of choices, just select your colour, whether you want ES or BC etc. You will need to have a threaded end on your tube. If you need more help please call Louise here at Lamps and Lights on 01223 750153

  5. Hi. I want to make my own plug in bulb fitting for my summer house which has electricity but no lighting and wondered if I could use an old extension cable that I have.I was going to attach a fused 3 pin plug to one end and a plastic bulb holder to the other end and just wanted to make sure if this is the best route to take.Thanks.Tina.

  6. I am creating a copper pipe lamp with 15mm pipe but having difficulty sourcing the actual brass lamp holder fitting, can you assist in any way? Thanks.

  7. I plan to make a table lamp out of a 5 litre ( yes five litre – but empty) wine bottllei. Plan to use the original cork because of its tight fit. It measures 32mm across by 50mm long.Could you pse advise the most suitable bulb holder which could be fitted/glued into the cork . The flex will exit through a hole near the bottom of the bottle. Many thanks in anticpation

  8. I need to purchase flex wire and I do not know how to go about it. Please help as I need the product delivered to site for Friday

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