GO GREEN with beautiful filament LED Light Bulbs

Incandescent (left) versus LED filament (right)

Following the tightened legislation for incandescent lamps there was a definite need to create the antique look of the squirrel filament, whilst still conserving energy.  

Incandescent bulbs however were deeply missed, because of the warm glow they emitted and the intricately twisted filaments that were intentionally visible, they were a truly beautiful decorative feature.
            But no longer …..
purple led filament

The latest LED Filament bulbs look just like the traditional incandescent bulb (the above photograph shows an Incandescent filament lamp on the left with a LED filament lamp on the right). Thanks to new technology we now have a light bulb that looks virtually identical to a filament incandescent as long as you buy a quality make!
Coming in all shapes, sizes and colours, recreating the look of the classic filament is now possible. Their look is so versatile, from traditional vintage, stylishly elegant to bold and brassy, often a centre piece in their own right. There will be something to suit your design whether it be in a restaurant, retail store, theatre set or just in your own home.led lamps

Filament LED bulbs provide the perfect combination of benefits;
Style – with its visible filament in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Colour options – from a soft warm white light through to a cooler daylight.
Environmentally friendly – unlike compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), no toxic or hazardous materials are used in these LED bulbs.
Energy efficient – a whopping 10,000 up to 40,000 hour lamp life.
Compare that to a traditional incandescent which would last up to a maximum of 3000 hours at best. Plus as with all LEDs they use very little electricity, a 60 watt equivalent filament bulb now only uses a mere 6 – 12 watts with many being just 2 or 3 watts.
The average reduction in energy consumption and lighting cost can be around a whopping 90%.

Some new designs now available emit an extra warm light with colour temperatures between 2100 -2700 Kelvins such as our gold coated glass lamps.
vintage-jewel-led-filament-bc-calAnd if bling is your thing;
Try our Vintage Squirrel Jewel lamp with a warm colour temperature of 2100 kelvins with an incredible 47 separate mini LEDs great for Christmas, yet only uses 2 Watts of energy with an energy rating of A++.

Plus the over size BIG BOY … Who could ask for more? LB01-LED-ES-1-Edit-3

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Can I unlock a ‘locked’ Edison Screw lampholder?

how_to_questionmarkMost Edison Screw Lampholders now have a safety feature that means once put together they cannot be easily undone. This is to ensure you don’t unscrew the lamp holder when changing the bulb and give yourself a nasty electric shock! But not ideal if you need to unscrew the lampholder & put it back together again.

The answer is YES, with the help of a screwdriver, a little persistence (and a lot of patience) these ‘locked’ Edison Screw bulb holders CAN be ‘unlocked’, though explaining ‘how’ to do this over the telephone is not so easy so we have created a quick little video showing exactly how this can be done 🙂

To see our range of Edison Screw Lampholders just follow this link


How to unlock a ‘locked’ Lampholder











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New Product Alert May 2018!

This spring Lamps and Lights have been working hard to introduce a mixture of new quality products to satisfy the many requests from our lovely customers!

By popular demand, we have moved to superior quality vintage brass multi-outlet ceiling roses rather than coloured steel across the range.  Although a little pricier our customers tell us they really appreciate the superior quality. This means that all our range of metal Ceiling Roses are now made here in the UK from solid brass! Our ceiling rose and ceiling hook plates are available in single and multi hook or cord grip options. We also stock a range of hand turned and finished hardwood pattresses available in oak, beech and mahogany.

Quality multi ceiling rose with metal cordgrips, mahogany pattress and LED curled filament bulbNeed a white lampholder replacement or looking to brighten up your surroundings with a set of matt white lighting parts? Then take a look at our new range of white ceiling plates & white lamp holders with and without shade-rings. Alternatively add one of our many brightly coloured lighting cables to jazz things up a bit!For those who prefer something darker in their interiors, we have our existing range of black plastic lampholders. Both colours are also available in China. If you are looking to for a great pairing why not try the wonderful ironstyle 3 core flex to go with it!

Worth a note; the hard to find 5″ Galleries in antique and brass finish are are now in and available from our online store! And last but not least we are happy to announce the arrival of the long awaited LED dimmer switches! Compatible with our LED light bulbs and available in 4 colours!https://www.lampsandlights.co.uk/images/med_switch-dimmer-group-mix.jpgThank you so much for reading! Please don’t forget to like this post, if you found it useful. For more information follow us here, on our social media or sign up to our Email list!

We welcome your feedback, so do let us know in the comments below if you like our new products.

Best Wishes, from Lamps and Lights!


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How to hang a rimmed lightshade

We often get asked how to use our products so one of our videos shows you just how easy it is to hang a lampshade with a rim …

For hanging a rimmed lampshade, you will need one of each of the following:
Lamp Shade
Light Bulb
Light Gallery
Lamp Holder
Lighting Flex

Firstly choose your lampshade
The size of your shade’s entry hole dictates the size of gallery required.
Also choose your bulb at this stage to ensure it fits inside your chosen shade. Decide if your chosen bulb is to be an Edison Screw fitting or Bayonet Cap as this dictates the top hole entry size of your light gallery and also the bulbholder fitting required.

We used our own antique lampshade along with an aged brass bayonet cord-grip threaded bulbholder wired up using 3 core braided sage green light flex and a matching antique brass bayonet fitting 2¼ inch light gallery.

The first step is to wire up your lampholder with your chosen flex.

Next attach the gallery to the lampholder:
1. Unscrew and remove the shade ring from your lampholder
2. Place your lampholder through the top hole of your light gallery
3. Screw the shade ring back onto your lampholder, firmly securing the gallery.

Place the light gallery complete with lampholder over the rim of your light shade and tighten using the gallery’s small screws that come attached.

Hey Presto! Your lampshade is now ready to hang.

All that’s left to do is to select whether to choose a cord grip ceiling plate or hooked ceiling rose with chain to suspend your shade from the ceiling.You can find loads of helpful product tips & more on our website’s
Useful Information pages 
with further videos on our You Tube Channel
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Buying your LED bulb – How to make the right choice

Unsure what is the right choice when buying your new LED bulb?
Here at Lamps and Lights we have been busy working on collating all the information required for how to choose the right LED lamp bulb. When Homes and Gardens magazine requested our contribution to their Lighting Feature Special to help answer all those LED queries we decided to help make your life easier too, here’s all the info.

With the latest additions in the new dimmable filament LED range now available from our Webshop it is a good time to consider switching from your old incandescent bulb to these cost effective, seriously stylish LED bulbs. With a lifespan ranging from 15,000 hours to a whopping 25,000 hours and an average of 4 Watts energy consumption, they truly are an ultra-low energy bulb.

You no longer need to compromise on design as with many of the CFL bulbs; the pleasingly warm glow from an incandescent filament is now fully replicated in these new filament LEDs and nearly all are now fully dimmable

So what do you need to know before choosing your LED comparison?

Well it’s all about the Lumens, not Watts. Previously you chose your bulb brightness by the level of Watts i.e a 40, 60 or 100 watt bulb.
But, wattage is not actually the measure of a bulb’s brightness, but is its energy usage. There is then, a direct correlation between watts and the bulb’s brightness in incandescent bulbs but not with an ultra low consumption 4 Watt LED bulb.

LEDs work differently and so the way in which we measure the brightness is completely different. As LEDs use far less energy, the amount of watts used is no longer an indicator as to the brightness of the bulb.

Sadly there is no exact conversion from Watts to LEDs for example, a traditional 60 watt incandescent bulb can compare to anywhere between 2 and 12 watts in a LED bulb, but don’t panic, it’s just a case of knowing your required Lumen rating.

bulb-brightness-comparisonLumens are the ‘brightness’ measurement provided by a light bulb, and this is what you need to look for when choosing your new LED.
Our comparison guide is an approximation of Watts to Lumens for our bulbs. An old 40 watt bulb would on average be between 300 to 500 Lumens. (Remember, with new technology being regularly released, energy efficiency is constantly improving, so we will maintain the current information on our  Lamps and Lights’ Information Pages on our website).

bulb-colour-tempSo, now we know where previously we looked at a 40 watt incandescent bulb we may now choose perhaps a 4 watt LED, we may also want to choose our bulb based on the colour emitted.

This is referred to as ‘colour temperature’ and is measured in Kelvins – with the higher the number, the whiter and cooler the light given off i.e. anything under 4000K tends to produce a warmer, more gently light and anything over produces a cooler, brighter white light mostly used for task areas such as kitchens and work areas.
The average of an old style incandescent was between 2,700 and 3,500 Kelvin. So if colour rendering is your deciding factor then choose your LED bulb by its Kelvin rating.

bulb-led-watts-conversion-infoSo what happens when you have a multi-ceiling plate with a collection of new dimmable LED bulbs?

Dimmer switches have a minimum and maximum rating (measured in Watts). LED loading cannot however be calculated in the same way as a traditional incandescent or halogen bulb.led-giant-trio-stairwell-02
A good rule of thumb to apply, (one that is used by most manufacturers) is to take the maximum rating of the dimmer switch and divide it by 10. For example, a dimmer switch which has a maximum rating of 200W if you apply the rule of thumb this translates to 20W in LEDs and therefore will run x5 of our 4W dimmable vintage LED light bulbs.

bulb-sizing-fitting-imageSo now you know all you need to about the specs, so next choose your style, size and fitting. Our range is growing fast from mini globes and candles, standard sized traditional bulbs to medium globes, vintage squirrels and large globes ALL available in the new stylish dimmable filament LEDs PLUS now are our fantastic new enormous GIANT LED BULBS, just perfect for that statement piece, but be warned, there’s no subtley here!!!

So, whether you’re designing your lighting for a large venue, office space or in the home, you can be sure we will have something for you!room-design-triowww.lampsandlights.co.uk


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Our guide to Lampholders

We stock many of types of lamp holder

We stock many of types of lamp holder

With our lovely new ceramic additions we now have 90 Lampholders available, choosing the right bulbholder can be daunting, so here’s a little help. Firstly…what is your source wiring? Three or two core flex?
Case 1: With 3-core flex, there is an earth wire and any type of lamp holder can be used.
Case 2: With 2-core flex, there is no earth wire so metal lamp holders should not be used.

Cord grip lamp holders

Cord grip lamp holders

Brass lamp holder with hook and gallery

Brass lamp holder with hook and gallery

How is your lamp holder going to be fixed ?

Black porcelain lamp holder with cord grip

Black porcelain lamp holder with cord grip

Pendant Cord Grip
Pendant Hooked
Screwed Table lamp
Batten Table lamp
Switched lampholder
Without a shade (plain holder)
With a shade (shade ring holder)table-lamp-kits-02

lampholder-chrome-closeupWhat is your design theme and/or colour scheme ?
We currently have 7 different lampholder finishes:

  1. Brass
  2. Antique (aged brass)
  3. Chrome (chromed brass)
  4. White Ceramic (glossy glaze)
  5. Linen Ceramic (matt cream)
  6. Black Ceramic (glossy glaze)
  7. Black Plastic (Bakelite look)finishes… and with matching ceiling plates to complete the look, what more could you need?

    Matching lamp holder and ceiling plate

    Matching lamp holder and ceiling plate

Which type of fitting do you need?
We have five different sizes/style of bulb fitting to choose from:






GES Giant Edison Screw or E40 has a 40mm diameter.
ES Edison Screw or E27 has a 27mm diameter.
BC Bayonet Cap or B22d has a 22mm diameter.
SES Small Edison Screw or E14 has a 14mm diameter.
SBC Small Bayonet Cap or B15d has a 15mm diameter.


On the lampholders web page you will find our online lampholder selector tool – handy to help you choose the right one!

We have a bulb selector tool too, for helping you to select the right lamp bulbs!


lightbulb-selectorSo what bulb do you choose?
Bulbs are no longer an after thought. Our vast array of light bulbs, with the majority now available in the latest stylish filament LED and being dimmable, are a popular design statement in their own right!bulb-group-mix-cal



All of our lampholders have been tested and certified to the current British (BS) and European (EN) standards. A range of our certification sheets can be found on our  information pages.

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Basics in Lighting Design

Ever wondered how to use lighting correctly?
Here at Lamps and Lights, we feel it is essential to first work out a room’s function, then section off its needs into 5 different categories:

  1. natural lighting
  2. ambient light
  3. task lighting
  4. accent lights
  5. occasion lighting

aged-lampholders-wire-basketNatural lighting is the light that comes in through our doors and windows. This obviously varies drastically depending on the time of day, year and even the weather.

impact lightingAmbient light (or general lighting) refers to the lighting of the room as a whole.

office lightingTask lighting (or localised lighting) is an area where you need to intensity and direct the amount of light required for functions such as for reading, working, sewing, cooking, crafts etc.

Accent lights are for ornamental purpose, directed to show off a specific piece of art, sculpture or even a particular area of a room.

ambiant light

Occasion lighting is used for mood enhancing certain activities such as dining, movies, relaxed reading etc.

bedroom mood lighting

So firstly you need to analyse your daily activities and where you prefer to do them, working out your needs means you can then work out your wants.

Initially try narrowing down to just two perspectives; function and aesthetic.

Functionality is key, these lights serve a purpose, so ensure there will be enough light in the correct areas at the correct strength to fulfill that purpose. When these areas are decided then comes into play the aesthetical perspective, creating an atmosphere; illuminate walls with a discreet floor light or ushadow effect lightingtilise shadows with decorative lamp shades. reading light

task lightingAngle wall-arm lights so directed at your focal point, site overhead down lights for reading, up-lighters under cupboards for subtle mood,reading lamps

or hang dramatic pendants or chandeliers over a dining table or breakfast bar. dining lightingdining lighting 2a

kitchen lightingCreativity in illumination can be daunting, but don’t let it put you off trying something different; up-cycle your retro items into lamps by adding vintage fittings, go contemporary with shiny chrome and black or mix it up with combining an array of vibrant colours.stylish lampbulbs hangingDon’t forget, lighting can also alter the visual dimension of a room, creating space or cosiness depending on your mood or need. dining lighting 2

But, most of all – enjoy your lighting!

And remember www.lampsandlights.co.uk when making your lighting components purchases 🙂

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Renovate & Rejuvenate

new_stock_title_wall_lightsQ. Do you have a period property in need of restoration ?
A. Our antique finish solid brass quality lighting products are the answer and with our vast range of newly added wall lights you can fulfill any requirement.
We spend time searching for the best quality, safety sure products so you don’t have to.

new_stock_title_product_linesQ. Theatre set that needs a 1930’s period setting?
A. Then you’re looking for our Bakelite lampholders and matching black ceiling plates. Our easy to use website has clear photos, concise stock information with full product measurements making ordering your right products pain free.

new_stock_title_ceiling_platesQ. Want to fit a restaurant with funky bespoke lighting?
A. Try our new multi-cordgrip ceiling plates, add a collection of stylish light bulbs hanging from our unusual coloured fabric covered flex and you have that something ‘unique’ you’ve been looking for.

Our ‘no quibble’ returns policy if you find you order the wrong product, gives you complete peace of mind.

new_products_title_flex_we_offernew_stock_title_bits_bobsQuality Products
All of our products are sourced as locally as possible with the majority manufactured in the UK and the remainder from Europe. Tested to comply with the high specification of British Standards, we source and stock only the best products we can find, so you are buying top quality lighting hardware you can trust.
Top quality, does not mean top prices, we ensure we are still great value for money.

new_stock_title_deliverySpeedy Delivery
We hold large amounts of stock in house so we can send out your order to you ASAP. Our Next Day Delivery service is ideal for project managers, electricians, stage and set designers alike who don’t want to be held up waiting for those essential lighting fixtures. We pride ourselves on this fast turn around.

new_stock_title_lampholdersGreat Customer Service
We keep up-to-date with current trends and listen to what our customers want. Our increasing product lines does not however mean decline in service. We ensure our staff are very knowledgeable of our stock and are always there to answer your questions helping you make the right choices.
If you are not sure which lamp parts you need, our helpful friendly staff are always happy to assist.

We have the answers to your lighting dilemmas, so come on and give us a looksie … www.lampsandlights.co.uk

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