Light and the Sacred landscape of Uluru

“Field of Light Uluru”

Australia’s famous red sandstone monolith – Uluru rock is located in the desert of the Northern Territory and for about 2 years now, the sacred landscape of Uluru has been lit up with a multi-coloured display of solar powered lights. The installation by the artist Bruce Munro consists of more than 50,000 bulb-shaped flowers that are connected by a network of fibre optics. The artist and his team were careful not to disturb the land and worked with the natural landscape to create an organic outcome without a specific or organised pattern, so once the installation is taken down, the area will be left as found.

Referred to as “Tili Wiru Tjutu Nyakutjaku” by the indigenous Anangu people, which translates to “looking at lots of beautiful lights”, the installation is located six miles away from the sacred rock. Munro was inspired by the burst of happiness he felt during a trip to Uluru he took with his wife.

Luckily for travellers, “Field of Light Uluru” has received an extension until 2020. This means there’s still plenty of time to plan an illuminated visit to Uluru and enjoy the amazing landscape filled with light. Our lucky Australian customers will have a little less distance to travel to than our UK ones.

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e-Luminate Cambridge

The e-Luminate Cambridge Festival has been celebrated each year since 2013 in February. This contemporary artistic tradition explores the limitless prospects created by light, crossed with art and science.

This year’s theme of the festival was Colour, the event ran between 9-14 February 2018 and took place around Cambridge’s most iconic buildings and public spaces.

The Cyclists – a big part of Cambridge lifestyle who also joined in, accessorising their bicycles with lit up fairy lights to set the mood. Photo below By Jordan Harris  from Launch night. The Guildhall looked amazing as Cambridge Cycling Campaign set off on their Bike Light Procession!

Why Light?

Light is about life – without light there is no life. The Light of the sun fills us with a sense of tranquillity. The same happens with Light art: we find a space for contemplation or just an absorbing view, and it makes us feel enriched. In art light becomes matter and redefines space and time. The exhibitions at the Festival evoke the ambivalence of Light, its numerous meanings and facets. Clearly, the Festival does not exhaust the vast field of questions posed by contemporary artists on these concepts. However, it encourages the visitors to explore their path between the opposite polarities of light and darkness, day and night, reality and illusion.” – Cambridge Live Trust

Cambridge’s Light Festival creates opportunity for different field specialists to collaborate, artists and scientists jump at a great chance to explore newest light related and environmentally sound technology as well as promoting artistic innovation practise.

So have you had a chance to visit e-Luminate Cambridge project this year and did you have a favourite projection?

Thanks for reading!

Best Wishes from Lamps and Lights 

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2016 inspiration for your home

neutral tonesAs we enter the second month of 2016, although clearly still a chilly windy winter, the signs of Spring ahead cannot be ignored with the sight of early blossom, crocus and daffodils.
So what does 2016 have in store for us colour wise?

Pantone seem to think subtlety is the way to go, their new colours for 2016 are soft muted pinks and steely blues, with Rose Quartz and Serenity.
Fashion dictates we’ll be sporting coffees, iced teas and silver lilacs with echoes of beautiful
So, what’s happening with home decor?
Classical and relaxing with pale wood, Spring lilacs and lavender quartz….So our lilac, silver, grey and natural linens lamp cables tie in beautifully.

dulex coloursDulux concurs with the muted look, although are favouring their new rustic feel Cherished Gold and Copper Blush range. How clever of us then to introduce our new gold and bronze coloured lamp bulbs plus our new muted gold plugs to compliment our new and old brass and antique metal lamp parts!2016 rustic productsBeautiful HomesWe were delighted to hear from Lamps and Lights’ customer, Sarah Heaton who informed us her newly designed home is featured in this months 25 Beautiful Homes. A Grade II listed Napoleonic prison is not your average dwelling and Sarah, along with her partner Graeme Reed, have successfully created an architectural gem enhancing the building’s nostalgia.

rustic tonesMixing and matching both our contemporary and vintage style light fittings Sarah has created a look that works beautifully within the framework of the raw brick walls and exposed steel joists, a nod to the beauty of the recently restored Wilton’s Music Hall.

If you want to emulate Sarah’s wonderful design for your own home try adding in a few touches from our new range coupled with a few of the old favourites.

The current trend of combining rustic with natural – you can’t go wrong

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May Design Series 2015

light in artThe May Design Series 2015 at London Excel was a truly pleasant experience for us here at Lamps and Lights and with brands never exhibited in the UK before it was very exciting to see some exclusive new products.may design series

haberdashery london

The hardest question was “Where shall we go first” ?
Our focus was obviously on lighting though there were plenty of unique furniture pieces that caught our eye along the way. But boy were we spoilt for choice with new lighting design; Striking 21st century light art from Haberdashery London Ltd could not fail to catch our eye.

haberdashery discoWith many of our trade customers exhibiting at the show we took advantage of this golden opportunity to meet as many as possible and we met some very lovely people, putting a face to the name is always a pleasure, but sharing stories, laughing and joking with them is even better 🙂

The Light YardJeff and Gwyn at The Light Yard were a delight to chat with and see their fabulous Alchemist Collection, hand crafted vintage lighting where ‘industrial rustic meets urban chic’ creatively designed with the highly in vogue SteamPunk ‘Victorian industrial’ theme.

journeyman-02Amongst many intriguing pieces the Shore Table by Journeyman Furniture with it’s subtly smooth recessed footprints imitating footprints in the sand and the curvature of the table edge reminiscent of the ebbing and flowing of the tide, and not forgetting the hidden detail underneath the table – the relief footprint – was a cheeky little surprise.

journeyman-01Also wall plates where your child’s hand and footprints can be replicated in wood to make timeless gifts. Perfectly timed for us, Nicholas was showcasing his prototype relief Footprint Table Lamp and we had a lovely chat with him answering his questions of how come up with a suitable solution using our lamp fittings.

stormIt was great to see our products also in use at Storm Furniture and Felix Lighting Specialists chatting with them and listening to the designers, what they like, don’t like and what they need from their suppliers. We took samples of our new fabulous coloured switches and plugs which were very well received and shall be winging their way onto our website shortly. It’s always extremely helpful for us for finding out what new products we should source and stock in the future.

felixTMO LightingTMO Lighting-duoWe loved the subtlety of the hand painted lampshades from TMO Lighting When the lamps were turned off the shades, a piece of art looked harmoniously gentle, yet once lit, the layer upon layer of colours sprang into life and gave great depth.

Ostrich Legs-Temple & IvyThere was nothing subtle about the ostentatious Ostrich Legs lamp from Temple & Ivy, the gregarious bright orange feathers match perfectly with our vibrant orange fabric flex and drew our eye immediately.

The stand that stood out the most was Tatt Light.

tatt light-01I’m not sure there are enough adjectives to describe the wonderfully unique designs and the joyful creative people we met at this individual stand. Vintage style lights inspired by tattoo art, we were definitely illuminated!tatt lightIt was a great pleasure to meet Blottworks founder, Dan Morrison.

blottworksBlottworks’ bird lamp series, inspired by birds of prey and the towering cranes found on construction sites with beautiful filament bulbs hung ‘prey-like’ were stunningly smooth engineering feats, but my personal favourite was The Clam Shell Alchemist Lamp. I fell in love!

ollumiavivoA plethora of talent under one roof (albeit a pretty big roof, but the sentiment is genuine 😉 and we have to confess we were just an incy bit excited when we realised we were stood next to a fave design guru, Naomi Cleaver. Roll on next year!

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HHA, Lux Live 2014 and LEDs

It was busy week for Lamps and Lights with our usual Christmas rush of orders plus two important events in London.
We were delighted to receive an invitation to attend the HHA‘s Historic Buildings, Parks and Gardens Event with an address by the Historic Houses Association’s President, Richard Compton and the 2014 speaker Sir Simon Jenkins, Chairman of the National Trust. We found the talk by brothers, Jean-Charles and Alexandre Vogüé of Vaux le Vicomte mesmerising with their lively humour and passion for their 17th century chateau; truly engaging; we want to visit and explore more of this historic French masterpiece by Nicolas Fouquet just 50 minutes south of Paris.
It was a more intimate venue than the usual trade shows and walking around the stands we were delighted to meet and greet a lot of our architect, design and engineering customers, it’s always nice to put a face to the name 🙂

bannerWednesday saw the opening of Lux Live 2014, a big event at London’s ExCel where all the must-see innovations in lighting design come together under one roof. With human centric lighting that follow your daily biological rhythms, technologies that track your position through smartphones to light your ‘personal’ way, to flexible shelf lighting that folds like a newspaper.

A massive floor of trade stands incorporating three stages; the Lux Arena, Design Live clinic and the Ecolight Arena where we experienced half an hour of shear opulence by lighting designer Sally Storey, Design Director of John Cullen Lighting, who shared her inspiring luxury residential designs, and believe me, there were some unbelievable properties with truly stunning lighting. With a second floor of two lecture theatres we were spoilt for choice and thoroughly enjoyed the various talks and lectures; especially pleasing was to see local Cambridge Nano-therm engineers pioneering a brand new technology using nano-ceramic material and how it can be incorporated within future LED lighting.

As specialists in period light fittings you may think modern technology is not relevant to our business, but we feel keeping our fingers on the pulse is essential to ensure we can offer our customers the best products available.

pyramid candle LEDOn this trip we were particularly interested in exploring the new technologies in energy saving lighting, LEDs and how soon filament style dimmable LED lamps will be available. We were thoroughly excited to see a whole new range of new LED and eco friendly lighting in stylish designs.
Some had a decidedly ‘modern’ internal glow, not at all suitable for our historic film and theatre market.dimmable LeD candle

led groupBut our long search proved fruitful with some truly exciting finds; a new range of energy efficient and LED lamps with the look of our current vintage light bulbs.
Keep a watch on our website for some new LED additions very soon!

So what about ‘dimmable LEDs’?
We know our customers want this technology, and so do we, but all too frequently we hear questions such as “Why does my LED flicker?” and “Why does my light buzz?”.
We went to Lux Live to meet the companies with the technology to find out the answers. Our research shows us that, despite claims by some companies, filament style dimmable LEDs are not yet fully reliable without the correct corresponding industrial dimmer and transformer…

For the technical explanation, Lux Live answered this great ‘as yet’ unsolved problem;
“If those fancy MR16 LED lamps you’ve just installed flash when you try to dim them, then you’ve just stumbled across the lighting industry’s Achilles’ heel: dimming compatibility. The wall dimmer won’t talk to the transformer that won’t talk to the lamp. Why not? Because they’re all trying to do different things. The wall dimmer is happily chopping up the waveform, the transformer is desperately trying to maintain the voltage at 12V and the lamp’s internal driver is battling to keep the current at 350mA. And no-one is winning. Least of all, you, the customer. Gaaaaah!
Prospect for a solution: ‘smart’ dimmers offer hope, but we’ll have to wait for old tech to work its way out of the system.”
Quoted from Lux Live 2014 Daily

So, technology is catching up and the companies we spoke to say suitable household dimmable LED lamps are on the horizon for 2015.  Watch this space!

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Peter Andre’s 60Minute MakeOver ~ From Shabby to Chic !

Lamps and Lights were on the 60 Minute Makeover, Teddington show aired on Monday 17th November 2014 with multiple award-winning interior designer to the stars, Martyn Lawrence-Bullard. shade
LIGHTINGRenowned for his sophisticated eclectic interiors, Martyn transformed a light fitting from shabby to chic designing a superb multi-lamp ceiling pendant using a selection of our lighting products including our funky twisted braided flex, multi hole ceiling rose along with our funky large globe ball lamp bulbs.
Martyn’s rustic vintage french bistro design was a visual feast; layering collectables creating an ageless effect, perfectly emulating the owners, Theo and Lisa’s characters, such an inspiring young couple whose ability to embrace life’s trials made for truly emotional watching.
Ceramic lightbulb mirrorAs regular suppliers of the essential mirror batten bulbholders and lamps to theatres we just loved the fresh take on old Hollywood mirrors with the stunning hand crafted clay light bulb mirror frame, by Beth Mander Ceramics. 
Peter Andre’s humour, as always shined through, as he was on hand to help ‘Carpet Dave’ and 60MM’s very own Johnny ‘The Kitchen Guy‘ Depp 😉 whose lovingly hand built kitchen was a masterpiece of craftsmanship, one could literally feel the emotion emanate from the build. Completed with a stunning collection of unique individual cupboard door handles;
This large kitchen makeover design was eclectic chic at its best!
The concept of each 60 Minute Makeover episode shows Pete, along with a professional designer and team of crafts men and women, transform properties across the UK, surprising people who are facing everyday design dilemmas. 
The makeovers, no longer performed in an hour, are completed to a high quality finish using top quality furniture, wall coverings, soft furnishings and accessories. The designs are packed full of tips and inspiration for viewers to replicate in their own homes and it was a pleasure to be involved again. 
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The future’s bright at Olympia Art & Antiques 2014

olympia1Olympia International Art & Antiques Fair 2014 was a pleasurable experience. A bright, light and airy venue with great facilities, the plush regularly spaced seating with lush greenery and central fountain made for a very relaxing atmosphere. This shouldn’t matter to the content of a show, but it does set the scene and enhance the experience.

 Juan GenovésThe variety of stands was pleasing, with a succession of fine art and paintings it was a privilege to see first hand Matisse, Picasso, a personal favourite, David Shepard and an absolutely amazing piece of 3D textural modern art by Juan Genovés.

Amongst the melee of object d’art we were stunned by the large collections of art glass by Parisian  designer Lalique and saw probably our largest collection of Clarice Cliff.
lalique-clariscliff jeroen markiesThe resurgence of Art Deco, recently highlighted by articles in the Financial Times and a large feature in World of Interiors magazine, was very prevalent here at the show.
Jeroen Markies had an absolutely amazing ‘room’ of Art Deco furniture, lamps and chandeliers, it was like stepping into someone’s fabulous apartment. I also very much enjoyed the beautiful pieces by Émile Gallé on the Hickmet Fine Arts stand, world renowned dealers in antique European sculptures & art glass, David is highly knowledgeable and a regular customer of Lamps and Lights so it was my pleasure chatting with him and interestingly found his reasoning for not wiring up some lamps; they are often shipped to Europe so need to use the 2 pin plug option, something Lamps and Lights will offer in the near future.david hickmethatchwellWith so much to see from the stunning traditional furniture to the utterly sublime, it was literally a feast for the eyes, but of course for us, as always, we were drawn to the lighting and were not disappointed.
With the many traditional ceramic vase table lamps, it was the unusual and rare that stood out for us such as Hatchwell Antiques ‘Air Art’. hcbaxter

Another interesting chat was with H.C.Baxter & Sons whose pair of unusual early 20c gilded brass and bronze wall sconces had a fabulous back story having been rescued from the foyer of Sussex Place Apartments in New York. These lights were intriguing with their original stunning custard glass flame style shades and traditional dolphin decoration, they certainly stood out from the crowd.

christopher butterworth 1The Christopher Butterworth stand really stood out for us with its vast array of lighting. The flamboyant and eclectic eccentricities were a marvel. From the 1860’s Parisian starburst carousel lights to the stunning chandeliers, it was beautifully presented and every angle was hungrily explored as we greedily lapped up this smorgasbord of luminaires. A very pleasurable experience!christopher butterworth 2

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Lighting the way at the ABTT theatre show 2014

ABTT, Association for British Theatre Technicians theatre show 2014 at the Old Truman Brewery, was an interesting event full of the latest lighting spec in stage & production lighting. Certainly the place to be for light & sound techies, with all the highest spec brands of luminaires and intelligent lighting, leading the way in RC4 wireless & high performance LED systems of the future.

variaOur point of interest was in the stage & set production stands, obviously focusing on lighting we still thoroughly enjoyed seeing the many ‘behind the scenes’ people who make up the teams to produce our country’s amazing theatre productions. From the glamorous side of costume & drapery such as varia textile, rich in history and craftsmanship, established in 1881 and whose classic curtain rod recreations originate from the 18th century, to the scenery producers IMG_1349Hayles & Howe, specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of ornamental plaster, scagliola, coving, ceiling roses and corbels dedicated to the restoration and conservation of important public buildings and theatres.

point source standIt was helpful to meet companies such as Point Source Productions who carry a wide range of hire stock ranging from conventional lanterns, including our own shell shades, to the special effects and control in the very latest in moving light technology.
So to the props departments and set production designers who source period replica lamps and fittings, it was an absolute pleasure to meet our customers who source our products for their stage designs.

white light standWhite Light in particular, a fore-runner of set production with rich beginnings; their first job in stage lighting hire being the original production of The Rocky Horror Show in 1971. Now the supplier of choice for some of the biggest shows in the West End to the smallest events in school productions and fringe shows.

Their extensive range of stage lighting equipment is unparalleled and here at Lamps and Lights we are pleased to be a regular supplier.

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Battersea Spring Decorative Fair 2014

The Spring Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair in Battersea Park was a highlight to our week. A thrice-yearly specialist event for unusual antiques, unique furnishings and quirky accessories from all periods to the present day. Billed as ‘antiques and 20th century design for interior decoration’ with over 140 exhibitors comprising of textiles and fine art to furniture and architectural ornaments, it did not fail to impress us.Foster & Gane

Obviously for us here at Lamps and Lights we were drawn to the lighting stands; Ancient and Period had an amazing collection as did Foster & Gane who caught our eye with some beautifully dramatic lamps of an ‘art deco meets dubai’ feel.

drew standPlus meeting our customers face to face is a true pleasure and these times are a reminder of how important and fun it is, especially catching up with Drew Pritchard of Drew Pritchard Architectural Antiques, always utter delectation.

What really inspired us at this show was the eclectic up-cycling of which I can only describe as ‘industrial artisan’ lighting. With the recent years of more contemporary designs hogging the limelight, it was an absolute delight to see this new wave of unparalleled talent: reclaiming, sometimes antique, sometimes just unused, artifacts and coupling them with the right fittings to create a truly unique ‘look of today’.Antiques by designAn industrial item or setting mixed with a choice ‘old’ statement piece is such a feast to the eyes, fresh statements are being created and it is an honour to see our lighting hardware being used so inventively enabling such designs.

The exhibitor who stood out for us in lighting paraphernalia was Antiques by Design, an innovative company of salvage art. Guy was not only an absolute delight to chat with, but his reclaimed lighting exhibition stand was magically mesmerising, a plethora of inspiration, compiling gas masks and musical instruments to skis and even a prosthetic arm married with an eccentric feather shade. Antiques by design group

Antiques by Design 2We love seeing all these random generic objects with a new purpose lighting up the world again, but now as table, wall and standard lamps. Guy’s Austin Martin taxi cab wheels now take on a new life and whatever profession or interest you have, I have no doubt that Guy will have created a lamp out of a related product.

So to round up our first visit to the Battersea Decorative Fair,
well, we will definitely be back in the Autumn 🙂

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60 Minute Make-Over

60MM_Official Supplier logo Last week saw the start of the brand new TV series Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Make-Over.
On Friday 15th November Peter teamed up with interior designer, Linda Barker and visited St.Helens on Merseyside to give ‘G-Pop’ Ronald, his very own Gentleman’s Club designer lounge.

Here at Lamps and Lights we were honoured to supply 60 Minute Make-Over with a selection of our light fittings and it was quite exciting waiting to see which designer used them. Even more intriguing was HOW they were going to use them.

lounge lightingIt was wonderful when we finally saw it was Linda Barker, and her creation  of a bespoke ceiling pendant drop chandelier looked fabulous. You can buy these light bulbs from our website CLICK HERE.
It was even lovelier to see our products being donated to such a lovely gentleman as Ronald.

Linda Barker is one of the best known designers in the UK after contributing on Changing Rooms and since then Linda has designed an extensive range of products and has the successful home accessories business, Really Linda Barker plus has over 15 books on interior design.

itvplayerIf you didn’t catch the episode when it was aired on television don’t worry, you can still see it – catch up here on ITV Player.

I wonder what the other designers have in store for us…?

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