Celebrating Design: Monmouth glass studio

Monmouth glass studio is based in New Zealand, where they hand-make a range of bespoke blown glass lighting and home-wares, as well as custom made glass objects.

“The lighting is free-blown, without moulds, which allows for individuality and a genuine hand-made aesthetic.”

Their aim is to make things that have value in their aesthetic beauty, necessity and function. That’s why every piece is hand shaped and finished using traditional glassblowing techniques that date back hundreds of years.

“Here at Monmouth Glass we handcraft exquisite glass objects that people need and use every day. ”

Glassblowing is a limitless and versatile medium. The intrinsically fluid properties of glass make it unlike any other material.

“Each piece is hand-blown by us in the traditional method at our studio in Grey Lynn, Auckland”

Their philosophy is based in the handmade for everyday use: “There is something invaluable about using handmade objects in daily life: to drink from, to eat out of, or to light the space we live in. We believe in quality items that are well-designed, well-made, and will stand the test of time.”

Steel blue bell pendant with cord grip lamp holder and flex

Steel blue bell pendant with cord grip lamp holder and flex

Monmouth is a traditional glassblowing studio. Their furnace holds 120 kilos of glass.

Stephen Bradbourne and Isaac Katzoff. Monmouth is a traditional glassblowing studio.

It is kept molten at a temperature of 1110 degrees Celsius twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Every piece is gathered from the furnace then hand shaped and blown.

“Square Cups – Bronze and Tea. Each of these cups are handmade and one a kind”

Monmouth is a small collaborative glassblowing studio in Auckland. It was established in 2013 by Stephen Bradbourne and Isaac Katzoff.

Clear ghost pendant with lamp holder and flex

Clear ghost pendant with lamp holder and flex

Customers can also choose a design and customise colour and size to suit their space and needs.

Lamps and Lights offer a variety of products that can be used to design bespoke lighting installations accompanying hand blown glass features.

Thanks for reading! If you want to find out more information and visit their website just follow the link by clicking on the Logo image below:

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How to hang a rimmed lightshade

We often get asked how to use our products so one of our videos shows you just how easy it is to hang a lampshade with a rim …

For hanging a rimmed lampshade, you will need one of each of the following:
Lamp Shade
Light Bulb
Light Gallery
Lamp Holder
Lighting Flex

Firstly choose your lampshade
The size of your shade’s entry hole dictates the size of gallery required.
Also choose your bulb at this stage to ensure it fits inside your chosen shade. Decide if your chosen bulb is to be an Edison Screw fitting or Bayonet Cap as this dictates the top hole entry size of your light gallery and also the bulbholder fitting required.

We used our own antique lampshade along with an aged brass bayonet cord-grip threaded bulbholder wired up using 3 core braided sage green light flex and a matching antique brass bayonet fitting 2¼ inch light gallery.

The first step is to wire up your lampholder with your chosen flex.

Next attach the gallery to the lampholder:
1. Unscrew and remove the shade ring from your lampholder
2. Place your lampholder through the top hole of your light gallery
3. Screw the shade ring back onto your lampholder, firmly securing the gallery.

Place the light gallery complete with lampholder over the rim of your light shade and tighten using the gallery’s small screws that come attached.

Hey Presto! Your lampshade is now ready to hang.

All that’s left to do is to select whether to choose a cord grip ceiling plate or hooked ceiling rose with chain to suspend your shade from the ceiling.You can find loads of helpful product tips & more on our website’s
Useful Information pages 
with further videos on our You Tube Channel
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Chandeliers are back in vogue

chandelier-black02 New chandeliers are available to purchase from many retailers and bespoke designers, (see our previous blog about Lamps and Lights’ customer Emma Mackintosh Glass Chandelier designer extraordinaire) but why not upcycle a classic chandelier yourself.

chandelier-silver-tubes-01french chandelierTraditional decorative pendant lights can be modernised for use in contemporary lighting design. Alternatively, with the right parts, you can restore a vintage chandelier to its original look. With a wide selection of replacement chandelier components now on the market you can find everything you need for refurbishment.

Candle Holder

Lamp holder and candle tube

chandelier-white-tubes-03Here at Lamps and Lights our research has shown us that the hardest parts to find are the candle tubes, especially realistic ‘wax’ look candle lampholder covers, essential for that replica candle chandelier for hiding the giveaway electric lightbulb holder fittings. chandelier-silver-tube-square

So we have searched and scoured the globe to find you the best there is. Our heavy duty card candle tube holders come in both plain and very realistic wax look drips. Available in 4 sizes and 4 colourways of white, ivory cream, matt black and silver chrome, so whatever your chandelier fitting, we’ll have a candle tube to compliment.


If you are interested in refurbishing a chandelier yourself you can learn more about do-it-yourself simple techniques on here.

Also you can contact us if you require a colour sample.

Happy renovating!

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Emma Mackintosh – Glass Chandelier design extraordinaire

We love working with designers and here at Lamps and Lights we especially enjoy it when they come back to us sharing their photos, showing how our products fit into their designs and the interesting processes behind their creations. We are regularly astounded by the innovative beauty of their work and recent Lamps and Lights’ customer Emma Mackintosh did just that.

emmaEmma produces the most stunning bespoke and totally individual glass chandeliers showing the detail achievable with flameworking. The art of flameworking (also known as lampworking) is a method of working with glass using a small, very hot gas fired torch to melt rods of glass to create uniquely detailed sculptures in contrast to the traditional glass blowing involving a large hot furnace. Emma uses the small torch to allow her to control more precisely and personally the aesthetics of a finished product. Using borosilicate glass, one off pieces are created as the glass colour changes with the light.

Emma says “Producing glassware that is both classic and contemporary, with purpose and a unique twist, I am inevitably influenced by the stunning setting of the Lake District: nature and the natural world often find their way into my work. My own personal style and methods of working have been added to through learning from internationally renowned flameworkers from the US and Germany. I have recently had a piece chosen for the US Glass Art Society Lifeforms exhibition at Pittsburgh Glass Center, and have demonstrated flameworking at the International Festival of Glass in Stourbridge as well as at the UK Flame Off and Glass Gossip in Holland”.

Emma Mackintosh-poppiesPoppies is a single chandelier-style glass shade with hanging poppies, leaves and buds. Fitting securely to the chandelier, the elegant top shade can be made in glass or metal and fits into spring clips that hold it in place. There are 16 holders for the hanging leaves, flowers and buds – each individually worked and joined together with small chandelier rings. This allows some movement, which is a nice effect and also very practical. The poppy petals have been worked in a way that gives them texture and variation in colour which adds to the interest of the piece and the chandelier has an ‘arts and crafts’ feel.

“The Poppies chandelier uses an antique coloured gallery with spring clip and matching bayonet lampholder, I also matched this with an antique coloured flex and aged brass chain to complete the look”.

Emma Mackintosh-White lilies glass chandelier

Photograph by Tim Murray of www.timmurrayphotography.co.uk

Elegant white lily-shaped flowers and clear leaves are a favourite for chandeliers. Emma designed the frame for this chandelier to match the style of the glass drops and give the whole piece a contemporary yet still classic look. Each flower was made using hand-mixed glass cane to add fine detail and all drops were finished with little leaves.

“The white lilies chandelier uses an E27 bulb lampholder with hook. The rings on the lampholder hold the shade in place and I used a matching lamp chain and flex cord“.

Pale Ghost glass chandelier shade uses a pale, semi-opaque white, highlighted with accents of colour to create a more subtle, neutral look. Fitting securely to the chandelier, the branch-like shade structure at the top of the chandelier has a clear glass ring that is worked to fit into spring clips that hold it in place. Each ‘branch’ is then coloured and pulled to the correct size before being securely joined to the main structure at the torch. Small glass attachment points for each of the approximately 72 hand made leaves and blown flowers are then added before the whole is placed carefully in the kiln for annealing. These individually worked leaves and flowers are fixed with small chandelier rings. This allows some movement, which is a nice effect but is also very practical as it makes the glass less fragile if brushed against.

Working with flameworked glass allows me to add colour, detail, texture and intimacy to classic chandelier and lighting styles and produce something eye-catching, full of personality and completely unique. My bespoke glass chandeliers and lighting installations are individually designed to order, working in consultation with the customer and taking into account the space they need to occupy. Whether the commission is for a new design or to update/refresh an existing installation, the result is a totally individual, one-off, artisan-made item”.

Emma has been working on a new series of chandeliers that will include individually-designed metal tops, combining the unique nature of the flameworked glass with practicality.
I was delighted to find Lamps and Lights. The products are brilliant for my designs and I like that they come in a range of colour finishes. They are also easy to combine to get the exact fitting that you need. The coloured flex seems to have become very popular recently and I am really enjoying using this to add that small final flourish to a chandelier.

Lamps and Lights’ service has always been excellent and delivery is quick. There have been times when I have needed items delivered in a hurry and this has happened without fuss”.

If you would like further information about Emma’s chandeliers visit her website  A Flame with Desire.

Emma also produces a variety of glass commissioned special gifts for weddings, anniversaries or other occasions working with you to make something absolutely unique and one-off, something that will be treasured for years to come. Wine goblets and engraved glass spoons, bud vases, a sculptural piece to mark an event or a set of jewellery.

Visitors are welcome to visit Emma’s studio to view examples of her installations. To discuss or order a commission, please contact Emma on: glass@aflamewithdesire.co.uk

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Valaisin puusta – wooden lamp

valaisin puustaWe had a lovely email this week from Ulla Kotila, a Finnish customer who was kind enough to send us photographs of her creation. Showing her most beautiful wooden turning along with using our products she has created the most stunning lamp.lampun kanta






Struggling to find the parts she needed locally, Ulla found our online shop stocked everything she needed and it makes us very proud to see our products being used to create such stunning pieces which are not just for function, but a piece of art themselves.

lampun pidikepuuvalaisin

You can view more work on her Oh So Ihana facebook page and you can see the full article about the project on her ‘Oh So Lovely’ blog.

Thank you Ulla for allowing us to share your work.

puinen valaisin

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1850’s gasolier

3 arm gas lamp 01This 1850’s gasolier ceiling light is a project sent to us by a customer

Here’s what Chris had to say…

“I thought I would send you some photos of what I needed the three galleries I ordered from you for.

3 arm gas lamp 02

The lamp is an original 1850’s gasolier (gaslight chandelier).
I have restored it to run on natural gas! It flickers beautifully in my hall,
I hardly ever use the electric in there now. The shades are original, but from other lamps, hence needing your galleries which fitted perfectly.

The holes in the galleries are prefect to allow oxygen to the flame giving a good, stable flame.

I hope you like the photos and please feel free to use them for any purpose you wish.”

3 arm gas lamp#3Thank you Chris, We love the photos and think your gasolier lamp looks positively stunning,
as must your hallway!





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